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Acting Chairman/VC Statement

Establishing the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) under the OGRA Ordinance 2002, was aimed at providing effective and efficient regulations, fostering competition, encouraging investment, protect public interest and ensure level playing field within the petroleum industry.

Since its inception, OGRA has emerged as primary regulator of the midstream and the downstream petroleum industry, watching the strategic and critical aspect of the Oil & Gas Sector.

Determining the revenue requirements of gas companies, as well as monitoring of the petroleum products/ prices are inter alia, functions of OGRA, which has direct impact on the general public.

On top of the functions envisaged in the OGRA Ordinance and subsequent amendments, the Authority is primarily focusing on ensuring equilibrium amongst the stakeholders specially the consumers.

By spirit of its statute, OGRA respects the individual rights of the licensees and other regulations with protecting the public interest as its priority function.

In spite of the challenging environment within Oil & Gas Sectors OGRA is fully committed to adopt global best practices and will contribute towards the economic development of Pakistan.

I feel here duty bond to appreciate the cooperation, dedication, and wholehearted contribution of my colleagues towards the development of OGRA as a dynamic and forward looking organization. I am also confident of the support of the Government at all times to achieve our goals.