LNG Department

The main functions of LNG Department include processing of licenses to LNG project developers or LNG Terminal Owner/ Operator (TO/O) to construct and operate LNG receiving terminals, processing of licenses for transportation, filling, marketing or distribution of LNG as per the provision of OGRA (LNG) Rules 2007. Further, modifications, extension, revocation, renewal of the licenses, inspection/ audit of LNG terminals are also dealt under the said Rules.

  1. LNG Rules 2007

  2. LNG Terminal Access Code for LNG Regasification and Storage Terminals Dated 21 January, 2021

  3. LNG Terminal Access Rules, 2020, Dated 12 January, 2021

  4. Virtual Pipeline Provisional Licence for LNG Easy (Private) Limited. Dated 14 January 2021

  5. Virtual Pipeline Provisional License for Daewoo Gas (Private) Limited Dated 14 January 2021

  6. Status on Licenses Issued/Under Process for LNG Regulated Activities Dated January 26, 2021

  7. Pre-Qualified LNG Consultants w.e.f January 26, 2021

  8. LNG Policy, 2011