Composition of Authority

The Authority consists of a Chairperson and three Members. The Chairperson and Members are being appointed by the Federal Government through a competitive process on tenure basis in accordance with the provisions of the OGRA Ordinance. The names of Chairperson and Authority Members are as follows: -



Joining Date

Ms. Uzma Adil Khan

Tel: +92-51-9244300
Tel: +92-51-9244044
Fax: +92-51-9244310
Chairperson July, 2016

Mr. Noor Ul Haq

Tel: +92-51-9244294
Fax: +92-51-9244310

Member (Finance) July, 2015
Vacant      Member (Gas) -----
Vacant Member (Oil) -----

















Presently OGRA has been organized into six main Departments namely Gas, Oil, Finance, Legal, Administration and Registrar’s Office.




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