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Introduction / تعارف


Chairperson Statement / چیئرپرسن سٹیٹمنٹ

Ordinance / مسودہ

Rules / قوانین

Regulations / قواعد

Standards / معیار

Licenses / لائنسنس

Annual Reports / سالانہ رپورٹ

Notified Gas Prices / نوٹیفائیڈگیس قیمتیں

Notified Oil Prices / نوٹیفائیڈ تیل قیمتیں

Notified LPG Prices / نوٹیفائیڈایل پی جی قیمتیں

Decisions / Appeals - فیصلے / استدعا

Press Releases / میڈیا نا مہ

CNG/LPG - سی این جی/ ایل پی جی

Enforcement / عمل داری

Oil / تیل

LNG / ایل این جی

Related Links / مطلقہ رابطے

Job Opportunities / روزگار کے مواقع

Contact Us / رابطہ کریں


Appointment of Designated Officers under CRPR 2003 [PDF-Download]
Complaint Resolution Procedure Form(Urdu) شکایا ت درخواست / فارم [PDF-Download]
Complaints Resolution during last nine years (2003 to 2012) [PDF-Download]
Decisions on Appeals / Review Petitions during last eight years (2004-2012) [PDF-Download]
Amendment in Complaint Resolution Procedure Regulations, 2003 of 10-5-2005 [PDF-Download]
Complaint Resolution Procedure 2003 [PDF-Download]
Complaint Friendly Environment [PDF-Download]
Redressal of Complaints [PDF-Download]
Nature/Type of Complaints being handled by OGRA [PDF-Download]
Complaint Resolution Procedure-Form(English) [PDF-Download]

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