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Introduction / تعارف

Structure / ادارتی ساخت

Chairman Statement / چئیرمین سٹیٹمنٹ

Ordinance / مسودہ

Rules / قوانین

Regulations / قواعد

Standards / معیار

Licenses / لائنسنس

Annual Reports / سالانہ رپورٹ

Notified Gas Prices / نوٹیفائیڈگیس قیمتیں

Notified Oil Prices / نوٹیفائیڈ تیل قیمتیں

Notified LPG Prices / نوٹیفائیڈایل پی جی قیمتیں

Decisions / Appeals - فیصلے / استدعا

Press Releases / میڈیا نا مہ

CNG/LPG - سی این جی/ ایل پی جی

Enforcement / عمل داری

Oil / تیل

LNG / ایل این جی

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Job Opportunities / روزگار کے مواقع

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List of Registered Companies for Selling Imported Lubricants Dated June 23, 2015 [PDF-Download]
Details of Oil Marketing Companies Licenses Dated June 23, 2015 [PDF-Download]
List of Registered / Operational Lube Blending, Reclamation, Grease and Transformer Oil Plants Dated June 23, 2015 [PDF-Download]
Registrations / Permissions Granted Dated August 5, 2014 [PDF-Download]
Expression of Interest for Hiring the Services of Reputable Third Party Consultant (TCP) to Conduct a Study on Demand/Supply of Lubricants in the Country Dated June 09, 2014 [PDF-Download]
Pre-Requisite for applying to establish OMC [PDF-Download]
Application Form for Registration of Commercial Importers/Companies of Imported Lubricants [PDF-Download]
Requirements for Registration of Lube Oil Blending Plant [PDF-Download]
Requirements for Registration of Grease Plant [PDF-Download]
Requirements for Registration of Lube Oil Reclamation Plant [PDF-Download]
Criteria for the grant of licence to new Oil Marketing Company [PDF-Download]
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