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Introduction / تعارف


Chairperson Statement / چیئرپرسن سٹیٹمنٹ

Ordinance / مسودہ

Rules / قوانین

Regulations / قواعد

Standards / معیار

Licenses / لائنسنس

Annual Reports / سالانہ رپورٹ

Notified Gas Prices / نوٹیفائیڈگیس قیمتیں

Notified Oil Prices / نوٹیفائیڈ تیل قیمتیں

Notified LPG Prices / نوٹیفائیڈایل پی جی قیمتیں

Decisions / Appeals - فیصلے / استدعا

Press Releases / میڈیا نا مہ

CNG/LPG - سی این جی/ ایل پی جی

Enforcement / عمل داری

Oil / تیل

LNG / ایل این جی

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Job Opportunities / روزگار کے مواقع

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“Petroleum prices have been deregulated by the Federal Government since June 1, 2011. The oil marketing companies have been authorized to notify petroleum products prices as per the Government approved formula. The below mentioned retail prices have been provided by oil marketing companies and are being published for the information of the consumers.”

Admore Gas (pvt) Ltd.
Askar Oil Services (pvt) Ltd.
Attock Petroleum Ltd.
Bakri Trading Co. Pakistan (pvt) Ltd.
Chevron Pakistan Ltd.
Overseas Oil Trading Co. (pvt) Ltd.
Pakistan State Oil Co. Ltd.
Shell Pakistan Ltd.
Total-Parco Pakistan Ltd.
Byco Pakistan Ltd.
Zoom Petroleum (pvt) Ltd.
Hascol Petroleum Ltd
TOTAL PARCO MARKETING LTD. (Formerly, Chevron Pakistan Ltd.)
Gas & Oil Pakistan Pvt Limited
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