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Chairperson Statement / چیئرپرسن سٹیٹمنٹ

Ordinance / مسودہ

Rules / قوانین

Regulations / قواعد

Standards / معیار

Licenses / لائنسنس

Annual Reports / سالانہ رپورٹ

Notified Gas Prices / نوٹیفائیڈگیس قیمتیں

Notified Oil Prices / نوٹیفائیڈ تیل قیمتیں

Notified LPG Prices / نوٹیفائیڈایل پی جی قیمتیں

Decisions / Appeals - فیصلے / استدعا

Press Releases / میڈیا نا مہ

CNG/LPG - سی این جی/ ایل پی جی

Enforcement / عمل داری

Oil / تیل

LNG / ایل این جی

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Job Opportunities / روزگار کے مواقع

Contact Us / رابطہ کریں


LPG (Production and Distribution) Rules, 2001(inclusive of all amendments made till March 16, 2016) Dated May 20, 2016 [PDF-Download]
Pakistan Oil (Refining, Blending, Transportation, Storage and Marketing) Rules, 2016 [PDF-Download]
Last date for submission of comments on the proposed amendments in the OGRA Natural Gas (Regulated Third Party Access) Rules, 2012 has been extended till 10-07-2015 [PDF-Download]
LPG (Production and Distribution) Rules - 2001 (inclusive of all amendments made till March 14, 2014) Dated June 02, 2014 [PDF-Download]
Natural Gas Allocation and Managemenet Policy, 2005 [PDF-Download]
LNG Policy 2011 [PDF-Download]
Natural Gas Regulated Third Party Access (TPA) Rules, 2012 [PDF-Download]
Amendment in NGRA Licensing Rules, 2002 [PDF-Download]
Amendment CNG Rules 04-4-2009 [PDF-Download]
Amendment CNG Rules of 31-10-2008 [PDF-Download]
LPG Production and Distribution Policy 2006 [PDF-Download]
LNG Policy 2006 [PDF-Download]
LNG RULES 2007 [PDF-Download]
CNG Rules 1992 (Amended) [PDF-Download]
CNG Rules 1992 (Scanned) [PDF-Download]
CNG Rules 1992 [PDF-Download]
TARIFF RULES,2002 [PDF-Download]
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