Building Project

A summary was forwarded by the OGRA to the Honorable Prime Minister through Secretary Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources, for review of decision of construction of OGRA’s Head office Building, on December 22, 2016. In reply to said letter, Secretary to the Prime Minister conveyed the confirmation of approval by the Honorable Prime Minister for construction of its Main office building at Islamabad, through Secretary M/o P&NR on 6 February, 2017. In sequence of construction project activities, the second phase was the Advertisement for Pre-Qualification of construction firms. Pre - Qualification of firm advertisement was published in all major news papers of the country on 19 March, 2017. In respond to the advertisement, 36 firms participated till due date of the advertisement i.e. 19 April, 2017. An in house five (05) members committee has been constituted which will finally evaluate the applicant firms and select the pre-qualified firm will have obtained 70% marks as specified for qualifying firms. Financial Bids will be asked from these pre-qualified firms and after due process, one firm would be given the assignment for construction of OGRA Building, with the approval of Authority.